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Re: North-South Rail Link

Originally Posted by Joel N. Weber II View Post
In looking at an article discussing the Senate Launch System and Clipper, I found myself thinking that these space exploration projects probably cost in the ballpark of what the NSRL would. Asking either/or is probably wrong because we could probably both build NSRL and explore Europa (although I don't think we should keep funding SLS), but at the same time, it seems like if we're only going to have one, NSRL would be more useful than Europa exploration.
Well, the Federal budget is mostly fake money... ie invented money borrowed from the Federal Reserve with any profit made by the Federal Reserve on interest legally required to go back to taxpayers... So borrow away and stop being stingy on projects that would actually build infrastructure that will improve people's lives. State governments actually have to tax people and balance budgets, so the state matching money is the real issue.

The downsides to Federal borrowing for stupid spending is the potential for inflation, asset bubbles, and a general shift in power from individuals being able to save and cobble together capital for local investment to all the economic power being in the big banks and investment firms that are hooked into the Federal Reserve System and more geographically focused on just the big cities. The Federal Reserve System is the real "trickle down" economic system.
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