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Re: Shattuck Hospital to Relocate to BMC Campus

Originally Posted by JumboBuc View Post
The Shattuck Campus could be a good alternative to Long Island, and could also take on some of the facilities currently located on the "Methadone Mile."

Either way, the City and Commonwealth are in dire need of more psychiatric, homelessness, and addition treatment facilities. I'm as pro-development as anyone on this forum, but the Shattuck Campus should absolutely stay committed to its public health mission. Start mixing private development in their and you'll only be introducing NIMBYs.
I agree 100% "Methadone Mile" and Long Island were two of the first thoughts that came to my mind. In fact, there may be no better site to construct these types of facilities since there's precedent (you already have psychiatric and corrections facilities on site) and there aren't any immediate residential neighbors.

I could see this having a trickle-down effect. In addition to moving more psychiatric, homelessness services, and other treatment facilities, you could potentially incorporate administrative offices for DMH (and/or DPH) into the redeveloped Shattuck site (still public health related). If you moved the DMH functions out of the Lindeman (Administration, shelters, treatment clinics crisis services) to the Shattuck site, you could free up that chunk of the State Services Center for redevelopment which would be perfect for mixed-use development.
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