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Originally Posted by Bobby Digital
UMB already tried to build dorms on campus.... got shot down by Dot NIMBYS saying there would be too much traffic on morrisey.

I don't see this as a HUGE opportunity at all... anybody here actually been to harborpoint? Just cuz its on the waterfront, doesnt make it "Prime" real estate.

Its good for that area of Dot and people in southie, but nobody else is gonna travel there.

If they try to turn this into some yuppie haven its gonna fail horribly.
that's not fair, BD. some of that area is very nice, especially towards southie and along the water. and the Bay view out towards the islands is great. The particular parcel isn't nice today, but there's better stuff on both sides, and no reason it couldn't itself be a lot better.

the transit options are good: red line at JFK, bus across to Mass ave, dudley, etc. and (potential?) commuter rail. obviously the expressway is both convenient and inconvenient at the same time -- but it probably nets out a positive in the sales description.

also, fwiw, the area draws people from all over boston, and beyond. as well as UMB, there are the Mass State Archives, and the JFK library right next door. don't know if Dorchester Yacht Club counts as another attraction, but I'm sure there's something else i missed.

as far as UMB and dorms, btw, i'm with the NIMBYs on this one -- 100% against it. between my wife and i, we have 12 or 13 years of UMB education under our belts. that school is dorm free for a good reason -- it caters to a different demographic. UMB is a hybrid crossing the genes of a research university with those of a community college. the point is to drive workforce quality up at the best price point (for the state) possible. adding dorms doesn't come into that equation, other than possibly as a venture that allows UMB Admin to cop out of their civic responsibilities (i.e. agitating for better higher ed funding) by picking up some cash on the side.

When i was there UMB was fulfilling its job admirably by churning out some pretty smart people each year who lived in neighborhoods all over Boston -- with an average age of 28...

also, ihmo, living in a dorm never made anyone a better student, based on what we saw at the three other tonier schools we've been (commuters) at.

so, getting back to the point, yeah, it probably won't be a "yuppie haven", but real people live all over that area and you could do a lot worse.
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