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Re: State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

There's a reason none of us have a clue how tall this is. The residential tower says 547' at the top but the bottom elevation still might be as high as 27'. That means it's possibly as short as 520'. Seriously, look at the 2 diagrams below and try to unpack that information. Skyscraperpage diagrams measure it at 532' which is good enough for me.

The 647' was an estimate by odurandina based on the residential being 547'. Also note that its elevation starts below the residential's (maybe?).

In fact, this is basically the story of our lives here in Boston. Everything is reported wrong and measured all over the place. The rules for official height are start at the lowest point, and end at the highest architectural point including crowns, spires, even mechanical boxes, just not the equipment itself or functioning antenna. So we are trying to figure out the bottom-most point to the height at the very tip of the glass.

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For those of us that like 2D plans & sections:

Residential (WP-B1):


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