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Originally Posted by DudeUrSistersHot
Originally Posted by DarkFenX
Yea the mbta is suck and not just the train, the buses as well. When I was taking the 93, I saw 4 buses heading to Sullivan Station at seperate time which mean they were at one point on time. So I was waiting for the :30 bus and the 1st bus that went up to Sullivan cambe by at :25. I was waiting about 7 minutes from Sullivan. It didn't come until :55 and not did only one bus come down, all four did. I mean wats the use of having four bus coming at once. Just to piss you off? And no there is no traffic at Sullivan otherwise all 4 buses wouldn't have ended up together. What the hell were they doing, throwing a party?
After resisting making this comment for a long time, I have two words for you:


It takes thirty seconds of proofreading to go from sounding like you're 9 years old to sounding like an adult.
dude, i don't think english is his first language. the anime avatars and pro chinatown agenda lead me to believe he's from asia.
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