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Re: new HOV lane on 93

Originally Posted by F-Line to Dudley View Post
How in the hell are they gonna do that? The Old Colony's single-track, and is traffic-choked. It's an identified need that it needs to be double-tracked through that area, which itself is a multi-hundred million project requiring "lane-shift" of all 4 Red Line tracks and ripping up spanking-new Savin Hill station to carve out the room. Where the hell are they gonna find the additional land to expand 93 when it doesn't even have shoulders? They'd have to drop a $B to bury all 4 Red Line tracks to scrape up that much space for a lane that takes a raindrop's worth of traffic out of a flash flood.
From what I know of this spot, it's 2 tracks for Ashmont, Old Colony single, and 2 tracks for Braintree. The Old Colony would be burried... somewhere...? And then the 2 Red Line tracks would be shifted over (perhaps freeing up 1.5 or 2 track widths (spacing between rapid transit and commuter rail tracks seems to be a little generous). I'd like to know who gets shafted in order to make this tunnel though. Something's going to get buses here, I think.
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forget it ever happening, its too great an idea.
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