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Re: Neighborhood Clocks

I heard from a friend that a clock is planned for the entrance of the new Savin Hill T Stop, and that money was raised and the clock was bought - but now the neighborhood group is having a hard time finding the "owner" of the pavement outside of the T stop - the MBTA, MassHighway and the CIty of Boston are all involved... so the red tape is strangling them. Then, there were ADA compliancy issues with the width of the sidewalk where it was going. So... the clock sits in storage waiting for the red tape to unwind.

That whole Savin Hill T area has been redeveloped in the past ten years - it's a beautiful little village now (with some gaps still needing infill).

No wonder "Satin Hill" is replacing "Stab'n'kill" as the area's nickname.
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