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Re: Wynn Everett Casino | Everett

Originally Posted by Arlington View Post
The reason it does not look like it belongs here is because we've never had one! Does the BCEC look like it belongs in Boston, or does it look like a giant convention center. The best defense is simply form follows function and we've never had a casino function here, so the form will be unfamiliar/unlocal.
Well FWIW we've had convention centers...

... and if they wanted to make this 'contextual' they could have put in the faux-frame of an old church, as so:....

I mean imagine the possibilities. They could have built a faux-abandonded tank farm and used the interior volumes as gaming floors or giant ballrooms. Or a massive old industrial hall like the power plant next door. I'm only half being sarcastic.

The only requirement of the casino motif is that is has to appeal to fantasy and give you the sense that you are leaving the real world and entering a different realm. What we have here is really only a transcendent fantasy if you aspire to a life of sanitized, generic luxury in, like, Naples FLA. Not that there's anythin wrong with that - I know a lot of people do.)
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