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Re: Wynn Everett Casino | Everett

Na this is going to look just like it does in the renders and models. These are wide buildings, just like in Las Vegas. Many casinos use huge floor plans like this, its nothing new. The buildings in Vegas are just as wide and they still look fine. It still has a good amount to go as well so as it gets taller it will look less and less squat. Its going to look like it does in the renders and in Las Vegas for the most part so that means pretty good, at least I think they do. Wynn is known for delivering high quality. No need to worry just sit back and watch it rise and it will even out along with the crown being added on top as well.

Just scroll up a little bit to the picture of the Wynn in Vegas I posted. Thats basically what were getting here. You can see its still pretty wide there as well, but its tall enough to look good, and look like casinos look.
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