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Re: I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

Originally Posted by Charlie_mta View Post
I prefer the "Modified hybrid" option which placed the elevated SFR over the eastbound Mass Pike, rather than over the westbound lanes. It would cost a bit more but would set back the elevated structure further away from the path and the river.
I tend to agree, but looking at the render I think maybe they should put up a sound deadening wall against the side of the pillars to box in the highway noise that is also high enough to block some SFR noise too. They could plant trees and bushes up against it too to hide it. Then youd have no cars flying by at ground level which is going to suck. It would be much better than nothing. I doubt they would do it, but who knows and with the westbound elevation it could be an option. It could even be installed later. Maybe if its brought up theyd consider. Basically all you would see is a wall thats behind a bunch of trees and bushes. I think this would make the path much more pleasant to walk. Im sure they could block it pretty well with enough vegetation and you could always throw some art on it too.

I mean seriously... look at this. Who the hell would want to walk here like this? I think with the cards were dealt a wall would be the best thing to do.

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