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Re: Amazon HQ2 RFP

My guess is Amazon already knows where this is going and is just making a play for tax breaks.

Realistically, I think only 6 cities have a realistic shot.
1) DC- an urban city with a well educated work force. Not on par with Boston from a tech standpoint. But, the MSA has the ability to scale in a way Boston doesn't.
2/3) Philly/Chicago- world class cities with cheaper cost of living than DC, Bos, and certainly NYC. Chicago has better amenities, Philly has better location.
4/5) Boston- very educated tech concentric city, the only draw back is the regions in ability to build housing on par with DC.
4/5) Atlanta- a big MSA with a slowly urbanizing core and a very low cost of living for big city.
6/7) NYC
6/7) Denver- big airport, growing, liberal techie city. Downside is it is still out west and it isn't a big as some of the other cities.

Everything else is either too small or too far west (Miami and Newark excluded).
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