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Originally Posted by odurandina View Post
I was going to mention Austin's culture.... including but not limited to its bohemian attitudes, clothing optional Barton Creek, wild times in Zilker Park, the over-rated music events, 6th Street, endless hookups, sunburnt debauchery out on Lake Travis, Hamilton Pool & Hippy Hollow..... racing the P-car on the Bee Caves Road twisties vs the snotty folk from Lakeway, The Hills & Briarcliff..... Crazy parties at a certain estate in Dripping Springs...... 99F on the 2nd of February.

The Texas Hill Country in March and April is sublime. Then the humidity begins to drift in around mid to late April..... Then hail and tornado season, followed by the onset of 5 months of unbearable Texas heat and every few years Hurricane-induced floods.....

Texas is wild times. Beer, coolers, muddin' fire ants and debauchery....
I think you just unknowingly wrote the best sales piece possible for Amazon to choose Austin in that first and last paragraph.

You do know that the majority of those 50,000 Amazon techies look differently at "debauchery" and "bohemian attitudes" than you and Aunt Matilda do, right?

Were you clutching your pearls when you wrote that?
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