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Re: Reasonable Transit Pitches

I think I'm referring to some hybrid of skip-stop or limited service and not a true fixed express, which would require better signboards etc.

If there were enough trains to do this (I'm far from expert here) I'd start skipping stations at Wellington inbound in the morning. Trains frequently come through packed from Malden in the morning, and there are very few people alighting most stops before NS. Most people are trying to get to North Station and points south, so maybe there's a way to pair stations with higher and lower ridership to balance the load on the trains. This is casual estimation by what I can see as a rider, but

Oak Grove - Malden Ctr - CC - NS,
Oak Grove - Wellington - Assembly - NS,
Oak Grove - Wellington - CC - NS
Oak Grove - Malden - Sullivan - NS,
Oak Grove - Wellington - Sullivan - NS

would be more balanced and waste less dwell time so a dozen aggressive people can push on while hundreds more watch in futility. And outbound is all local with maybe an occasional set skipping all possible stops to supply the inbound runs.

This is getting away from a reasonable transit pitch because I have no idea if it makes any transit planning sense and it's a tangled mess to schedule. I'm just trying to think of ways to make sure a train only stops if there's a chance waiting passengers could use it.

Evening peak is much easier:

OL-1 stops at Sullivan - Wellington - Malden - Oak Grove
OL-2 stops at CC - Assembly - Wellington - Malden - Oak Grove

and inbounds are all local.

Sorry to go on a tangent, just musing.
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