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Re: Reasonable Transit Pitches

Is there a reason why the Fenway stop on the D-Line doesn't have fare gates? Isn't the only access point to that station the parking lot of the Landmark Center (and the stairs down to that parking lot from Park Drive)? Most of the above-ground Green Line stops don't have the same constrained entry and exit that Fenway has. It seems like it would be pretty simple to replace the existing 4-foot fencing with 7-foot fencing and put up a bare-bones little headhouse at that choke point. I bet Samuels would even pay for it...

You get faster boarding and better compliance with prepayment than with on-board payment. Especially if the T isn't going to use the prepayment terminals they set up along the D-Line...

(I originally posted this over in the "General MBTA Discussion Thread", but this seems like a better place for it so I moved it here)
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