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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Originally Posted by adamh8297 View Post
There's great data on Boston-Heathrow Traffic here along with anything else UK (Manchester-Boston, Providence-Belfast etc):

You want to take a look at Table 12 for any month.
It goes by month and will give YOY change for the month for airport-airport (examples: Boston-Gatwick, Newark-Heathrow, Oakland-Gatwick etc.)

Boston-London (Heathrow and Gatwick) its easy to get an idea how an airline is doing pax wise since there's only one airline on each route.

For December 2017 vs December 2016

Boston-Heathrow = 61872 vs 56488 about 10% increase
Boston-Gatwick = 13620 vs 10709 about 27% increase
Wait i was wrong on this one - you can only tell how Norwegian is doing on Gatwick routes since Virgin/Delta are on Heathrow.
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