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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Originally Posted by tysmith95 View Post
I would have thought that BOS to LHR would be hurt by the new additions. Although we haven't seen too much of a downturn.

I do worry about how much middle east service BOS will be able to sustain if we get some Indian routes. Don't know the exact numbers but if I had to guess more then half of Doha, or even Dubai passengers are connecting to places like India.
If LHR starts to hurt, I'd blame all the new london area flights. I think some of the London demand was previously getting diverted through us3 hubs though.

And India is and will continue to be a rapidly expanding market. It's probably a large factor in what enabled the me3 to grow as fast as they did. A direct flight to a city in India would be a small drop in the bucket.

Same with china. Both Indian and Chinese airports make for terrible connections btw so any new routes would be aimed at O&D and domestic traffic within china/india.
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