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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Originally Posted by Jouhou View Post
I'm surprised when info discussed on doesn't make it over here, so for those who don't go there, we may be getting a route to chengdu from Sichuan soon.

So, right now possible new routes based on what massport wants: ICN, DEL, MXP

Possible new routes based on airlines expressing interest/intent or studying feasibility: SAL, CTU, YYC, TPE
The SAL route could be announced any time now since the CEO of Avianca said its going to be launched in their inflight magazine.

Sichuan Airlines has obtained rights to serve Boston-Chengdu (CTU) 3x weekly. The funny thing about this one is that there were hints of this online since December and no one saw it.

Possible May 2018 start date but translation may be off here though they loaded Chengdu-Zurich a couple of weeks ago with a late March start.

Originally Posted by mass88 View Post
Apart from Korean to Seoul, what else could Boston possibly support to Asia? Daily to Dubai, daily to Doha, daily to Tokyo, daily to Beijing, 3-4 weekly to Shanghai, daily to Hong Kong. Adding flights to Deli, Seoul, and Chendgu will only steal traffic from the existing service, especially a non-stop flight to India.
I don't think this CTU flights steals it just stimulates what you could call "Chinese government subsidized tourism to Boston"

Originally Posted by kmp1284 View Post
He outlined the existing service. If you don't like hub and spoke, buy a Gulfstream.
True - almost all of these new international flights (except for seasonal weeklies like Barbados, Liberia-CR) are to hubs. CTU is a hub for Sichuan and its subsidiary Chengdu Airlines.
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