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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by DZH22 View Post
Are any of the projects in the first 3 categories over 6 stories? I am pretty disgusted by the amount of 5 over 1's I have been seeing popping up around the Boston metro. I want to see sturdier structures, and 7+ stories seems to be that magic number.

My gf, who is from Maine, thinks Portland should build its own "high spine" along Congress Street, since it's at the top of the hill and won't be blocking any views anyway. It would be pretty neat to see some non-background buildings get built in Portland's current (or future) boom.
The reason for the 6-story proliferation has to do with construction methods. At 6 stories you can pretty easily build a stick built (wood frame) structure and increase your return on investment as compared to a 7-story structure which would typically get into the structural loads requiring a steel frame. Steel is more expensive so if you're going to use it the costs are typically only justified at a much higher configuration (10 stories for example). So if the choice is between 6 and say 7 or 8, you'll see most people go right to 6 stories and stop. Historically, that's why many older cities are all that height as well, because they predate steel (and the elevator).
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