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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Great work on the list! I'm half tempted to create a new topic for each Portland development the way they do on the Boston forum. A step too far?

Anyway a few edits / additions to your list:

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Currently under construction

- Wex Headquarters
- Union Wharf office building
- 20 Thames: 28 Condos
- 220 Washington Ave : 45 Condos
- 62 India St. 30(?) Condos
- Thompsons Point Children's Museum
- Brown St. Parking Garage
- C-Port Credit Union Building
I think the office building is actually on Widgery Wharf, though it's being managed by the "Proprietors of Union Wharf."

Have 220 Washington Avenue and the Brown Street Parking Garage actually begun construction? I haven't seen any activity at these sites. Not sure about the Children's Museum either, I haven't been down to Thompson's Point recently.

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Approved and awating groundbreaking:

- 58 Boyd Street: 55 Apartments
- 75 Chesnut St: 52 Apartments
- 393 Commercial St: 139 Hotel rooms and 211 Condos
- 510 Cumberland Ave: 80 Apartments
- Midtown Parking Garage / Phase 1 ( Federated has finally applied for construction permits)
- 58 Fore St. Phase 1: Office / retail space
- Maine Medical Center Phase 1 expansion
I think you could add:

122 Congress Street (Hay Runner Block), which was approved and supposed to start construction in 2017, but appears to be faltering, which is too bad as I really like the corner design of this one.

180 Washington Ave., a 4-story condo building that was approved but has not shown any recent activity:

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Currently in the Planning Process

- 203 Fore St: 128 Hotel Rooms
- Thompsons Point Hotel: 148 Hotel Rooms
- Verdante at Lincoln Park: 31 Condos
- 60 Parris St: 25 Condos
- Americold warehouse
- Amethyst Lot / Portland Landing waterfront park.
- Maine Medical Center St. John St. parking garage.
You could probably add 155 Washington Ave., a proposed 4-story retail / office development:

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Waiting in the Wings

- 184 Commercial St : 93 Hotel rooms and an unknown number of Condos
- 170 Fore St Office Building
- Thompsons Point Residential and Office space.
- Tim Soley's 15-20 story building near Canal Plaza
- 58 Fore St Condo's and WestElm hotel.
- Cumberland Ave. Condos
- Vets First Choice corporate headquarters
- Mercy Hospital Fore River Parkway campus expansion
- Portland Transportation Center expansion
In the realm of pure hearsay you could add the Portland Square parking lots, which have been hinted at on here for major development for some time.

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Really, our building boom is pretty remarkable.
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