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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by DZH22 View Post
Are any of the projects in the first 3 categories over 6 stories? I am pretty disgusted by the amount of 5 over 1's I have been seeing popping up around the Boston metro. I want to see sturdier structures, and 7+ stories seems to be that magic number.
Asside from the two parking garages (Midtown and MaineMed) nonthing currently in the works is over 6 stories. The last 6+ story building to go up was 665 Congress St. which was completed in early 2017.

The only planned 6+ story buildings right now are the future phases of the 58 Fore St. redevelopment, which are at least 5 years away, if they even get built at all.

There are a few "waiting in the wings" proposals for 10 + story projects but right now nothing concrete has come up (Cumberland Ave condo tower and Tim Soley's Canal Plaza tower)
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