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Re: Crazy Transit Pitches

Originally Posted by Charlie_mta View Post
I had read the report and saw the typical sections. Then on another page it showed only one track fitting under Memorial Drive. I doubt if a two-track line will fit along the entire corridor with the proposed path using up the scarce existing space, despite what their typical sections show.
I don't see any reason why it would be terribly difficult to rebuild that Memorial Drive bridge with more space underneath it.

However, there's also the question of what frequency we want for Green Line service there. If we wanted to start with a train every 6 minutes in each direction and the Memorial Drive underpass was going to be the only single track bottleneck, that single track bottleneck probably wouldn't be a big enough deal to justify spending the tens of millions of dollars redoing the bridge. (See also how the Chelsea busway has a one lane for both directions bottleneck under a bridge for similar reasons.)

How wide could we make the Grand Junction bridge across the Charles? I'm wondering if we could have two Green Line tracks plus a bike path plus an I-90 on ramp (if we get rid of Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road under the BU bridge such that there'd be a relatively direct path to I-90 westbound once the Grand Junction bridge gets to the south side of the river). It's not clear if it would be better to put the start of the on ramp at the rotary, with the on ramp then being on the west side of the Grand Junction bridge, or if it would be better to have it start a bit to the north of Memorial Drive on the east side of the tracks with a connection to Vassar St somewhere.
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