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Re: NYC Architecture and Development

^^ Agreed, here's hoping reality lives up to the rendered hype.

Originally Posted by Suffolk 83 View Post
What is wrong with one manhattan square exactly? Is it just out of scale with the area its in? I'm not disagreeing I just dont completely undestand why its so obnoxious
Well... to start with the superficial, the glass pattern is tacky and the glass quality is low (this is obvious even from a distance), and the massing is about as zero effort as it gets. Next up is the fact that this zero-effort massing and glazing does absolutely nothing to respond to its context, and looks like it was literally plopped there from out of the sky (bridges? river? neighborhood? who cares). And then there's the whole socioeconomic/gentrification/greedy developers side of things which I don't think I need to spell out, but rest assured that this new tower raises serious questions about the city's future.

Bottom line IMO is that it reads as a completely tone deaf fuck-you-IDGAF from the developer to just about everyone else in existence. It's second world garbage on a first rate plot.
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