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Re: 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

This is bad. Is there anyone who thinks this is an improvement over the original? What's the point of even including renders in the original bids if they're going to throw them out so thoroughly.

I appreciate the use of the copper/gold accents (a copper tower on our skyline could work great) but that's about it.

I have absolutely no clue what they're going for with some of these facade details. Why does the upper facade stop four stories from the roof? What's up with those awkward horizontal rectangles two stories from the roof? Is that strange little headhouse really necessary on the lower roof? Why can't the same facade treatment be carried all the way up the "armit" of the "T"?

In the Building Elevation - East (Figure 7-6) I count SIX facades, plus the facade for the "grand hall"... Why?

It's like they took inspiration from Elkus's trademark "facades in a blender" look, only they executed it way worse than any of his projects...
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