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Re: Winthrop Square Garage Being Demolished

Originally Posted by stick n move View Post
If itís true this will be shorter than MT...thank god. The shorter this is the better. Iím perfectly fine with MT being the crown of downtown, not this. MT has proven itself and it looks great. If they keep this design hopefully we can get another 150í chopped off before itís built.
It's not true. While page 28 says it's 664', page 40 mentions the 25' mechanicals. So this will be between 689'-691'. While that's only a few feet taller than MT, keep in mind that MT gains 8' from the difference between Washington Street and Hawley Street, and also slopes up to a corner. So technically MT's highest corner is only 677' above Washington, while the slope gives it the impact of a building closer to 650'.

So basically this big new boxy abomination is, in fact, going to appear to be (and just plain be) the tallest building downtown.

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