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Re: Winthrop Square Garage Being Demolished

Lol so does this still need to be in the ďWinthrop sq. garage being demolishedĒ thread.

At first I was pissed when I saw this. Then I realized itís been chopped down so much by everybody that itís not even tall anymore so really itís just another crappy infill building so whatever. The govt ctr garage is going to be the show piece when looking across the harbor, this will barely be seen. Sucks to suck. Were going to live in a world where 1 post office square looks 100x better than this. That extra part of this that forms a T now makes this even wider meaning the more massing will make it appear even shorter.

I donít understand how you look on ssc at whatís going up in nyc and buildings that wonít ever be noticed in the sea of buildings there look like masterpieces yet one of our prime parcels in downtown gets another clashing ďway too much going onĒ kitchen sink building. Weíre getting too many of these mish mash clashing buildings lately. Also how can you change this much from the design that won approval? Thatís unfair. They did mention a few times though that wasnít the final project but I didnít think that meant it would change 100%. This is insanity. If you change it do it for the better.... not a hard concept. Or just take Accordias old design.

If itís true this will be shorter than MT...thank god. The shorter this is the better. Iím perfectly fine with MT being the crown of downtown, not this. MT has proven itself and it looks great. If they keep this design hopefully we can get another 150í chopped off before itís built.

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