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Re: Winthrop Square Garage Being Demolished

Please email Casey Hines at City Hall and let her know that this is NOT OK.

Here's mine:
Hi Casey,
Now that the newest iteration is out for the Winthrop Square Tower, I am writing to say that I take back the earlier support I showed for this tower. The new design is a complete bait and switch, with no resemblance to the original proposal. It is both tacky and ill-proportioned. As my personal concerns generally regard the aesthetics of Boston, I will be disgusted if this gets built in its newest form.

Here is a link to the discussion on It is unfavorable, to say the least, and up until now this was a crowd of the project's biggest supporters:

Boston deserves better than this permanent blight. One of the original criteria for this tower was iconic architecture. It is now anything but iconic. If City Hall allows this to be built it would be embarrassing, and a signal to me that is is time to find a new city that takes pride in its appearance.

I have to say that between this and the proposed reconstructive abomination at One Post Office Square, this might be the darkest day in Boston's architectural history since the 1960's urban renewal travesties. I have never been more disappointed in a developer's plan for Boston. Please send this one back to the drawing board. There are no redeeming qualities here.


EDIT: Just caught the "is is". Too bad. I thought it was a decent enough message, but typos don't help.
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