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Re: Emergency Closure of Bridge to (Boston's) Long island

Originally Posted by Joel N. Weber II View Post
Or there's the largely industrial area roughly bounded by I-93, the Mass Ave Connector, a bit of Melnea Cass Blvd, a bit of Hampden St, Norfolk Ave, and Boston St. What could we accomplish if we spent $100 million building housing for the homeless there?
That's exactly where the City opened up its replacement shelter when Long Island closed. Neighbors haven't been happy, and housing the homeless and addicted on the Methodone Mile isn't exactly the best thing for their long term recovery and rehabilitation prospects...

I agree that spending a bunch of money on the bridge is somewhat questionable, but Walsh and the City want to establish a full service campus for homelessness and rehabilitation programs. I consider that a laudable goal. It's easy to say "just put it somewhere else" but it's much harder to actually nail down a specific "somewhere else" that works. Long Island has a lot going for it, and there are roughly zero people in Boston who have any issue with the campus being there. Boston isn't going to locate (or necessarily even be able to locate) a campus outside of City limits. The only problem is that bridge...
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