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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by Max View Post
A brief overview of some proposed and under-construction office space in Portland in today's Press Herald:

The article confirms that the work on the Ocean Gateway Garage will add office space, which should be interesting. I guess that the office space will occupy the new bulge that will jut out of the garage towards Fore Street. I've seen the external rendering of this but I'm having trouble imagining habitable office space on the inside.
Likewise, My initial thought was that the renovations were purely cosmetic. I've heard a lot of negative things about that garage in the past

Originally Posted by Max View Post
Most interestingly a CBRE rep says that he expects at least one major employer to propose a downtown Portland relocation this year. Perhaps we will get a new office tower proposal after all!
The article mentions pulling a big employer downtown from a suburb, but I'm struggling to imagine who that could be. Idexx and Tyler Tech are both committing themselves to the suburbs with expansions of their campuses, Unum has an excess of space at their campus by the Jetport. Maybe Hannaford would want a headquarters that isn't buried in an industrial park in Scarborough?

I would say that trying to lure a NEW major company to the Portland area would be far more beneficial than our current group of big employers shuffling between the suburbs and the peninsula. Maybe we'll get lucky with Amazon, eh?

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