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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Originally Posted by sm89 View Post
Day trips? Worcester is even closer to NYC by car than Boston and lots of people drive to NYC from Boston. Weird statement by the CEO.
He's an airline CEO. He's not saying that trips were impossible on other modes. He's saying day trips are now possible by air.

Worcester is in a funny spot vs NYC travel, perhaps exploitable by JetBlue:
- Acela is a good option...but you have to drive to PVD
- Driving is good to Westchester/Triboro type places that LGA or HPN are near, but getting to Brooklyn or Wall St can be hard
- JFK has Air Train + A Train access to Brooklyn & Wall Street
- Growth at PVD suggests ORH should be able to support more service, even though it has always struggled
- JetBlue has had decent success adding odd airports within major metros (LGB in Los Angeles, SWF and HPN in Greater NYC)
- I-95 (and soon I-84) (re)construction are a big wildcard for car trips
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