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Re: $34.50 toll for 10 miles of travel in Northern Virgi8nia

Originally Posted by Justin7 View Post
The Post states that there is an HOV EZPass transponder setting, but how do they verify that there are multiple people in a vehicle? How realistic does a manikin need to be to fool one of these cameras? Looking forward to the article about the first person caught with a blowup doll.
Virginia has had HOV lanes for a long time, and the cat-and-mouse / cops-and-dummies game was well-advanced, even before the first HOT lanes went in on the Beltway (I-495) and I-95 (which feeds into I-395, the original HOV-3 system that works so well)

According to the WaPost:
One of the goals of the HOT lanes projects is to reduce the number of cheaters in the lanes by requiring all travelers to have transponders that can be read by the toll gantries. In the 495 Express Lanes and the 95 Express Lanes, police have cutouts near the gantries where they can monitor which vehicles are claiming the free ride for carpoolers. They can observe how many people are aboard, chase the cheaters and ticket them. Thatís not going to catch all the cheaters, but so far, itís working to the satisfaction of the public and private partners who set it up. (The state police do these patrols under a contract with Transurban, the company that operates todayís HOT lanes.)

Originally Posted by Justin7 View Post
Anyway, I think the dynamic tolling is great, but would like to see a discount for ZEVs.
The problem on I-66 is congestion and its very high costs in both emissions and, more significantly, wasted human time. Maybe a teeny tiny discount for ZEVs is appropriate (I say this as a ZEV owner), but any SOV vehicle that slows everyone else down potentially imposes a lot of extra emissions and wastes a lot of carpoolers' time.

An SOV ZEV might be a 100 MPGe per passenger at highway speeds. An HOVthat gets 30 MPG highway, is getting 60 MPGe/passenger at HOV-2 and 90 MPGe/passenger at HOV-3. On a 10mile trip, that's not such a huge ZEV win compared to letting the lanes get congested.

And apparently the form of extra vehicles at 5:30am that gum things up early (at a cheap or free time) are the problem right now.
"Trying to solve congestion by making roadways wider is like trying to solve obesity by buying bigger pants."--Charles Marohn
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