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Re: $34.50 toll for 10 miles of travel in Northern Virgi8nia

Originally Posted by stellarfun View Post
What will be interesting is to see how much traffic gets siphoned off to alternative routes, of which there are several, and toll free. Not the exact analogy, but if the Tobin was free and the tunnels charged $15, which route will drivers migrate to when coming in to Boston.
Not sure why it would have that impact.

Before yesterday: HOV-2 only, single occupancy illegal

Yesterday: HOV-2 is free, single occupancy pays a toll.

So, the only people who pay a toll are people who were not allowed to use the road before yesterday. The idea is to allow a single occupancy vehicles to use the road, but a small enough number that it doesn't impact the speed of the HOV-2 vehicles. The toll is not displacing single occupancy toll payers because they were not allowed to use the road last week. It could displace HOV-2 vehicles if it allows enough single occupancy drivers that I-66 becomes the slower option. But that requires two things: (1) single occupancy drivers to irrationally pay money to take a slower route and (2) those in charge not being willing to raise the toll to the point where no single occupancy vehicle is going to take the road. By raising the toll to $34.50 on the first day, there is a major signal that, at peak, they will raise that toll as needed to keep traffic flowing for HOV-2 drivers.

I guess they did get rid of some exceptions for clean fuel vehicles/hybrids and Dulles airport drivers, so there may be a small shift there, but it makes sense. The number of clean fuel vehicles is rapidly rising and now is the time to pull of the band aid on that. And the silver line is giving an increasingly better option for getting to Dulles than driving, at least for anyone who would be using 66.
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