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Re: $34.50 toll for 10 miles of travel in Northern Virgi8nia

Originally Posted by meddlepal View Post
I give that VA tolling scheme about 2 months.
Note that previously, I-66 was HOV ONLY (general & truck traffic forbidden) in the rush direction, so this new toll, while expensive, compares to "infinity" (or whatever the cost of an HOV violation had been).

I-66, if you haven't driven it, is just 2 lanes each way and HOV-only at rush hours for much of its length--the fruits of a compromise struck with Arlington VA whose people staunchly opposed its construction through the center of town (atop the old W&OD rail right of way).

Kind of like the demands to build rail upgrades were the condition for building the Big Dig in Boston, Arlington VA cut its own deal before allowing I-66 to be new-cut through town: I-66 would never more than 2 lanes each way, perpetually HOV at rush hour (it was always, and remains, free and unrestricted outside of rush hours and directions...and often congested and slow/volatile at its unrestricted times).

I forget if they actually got some sort of agreement to add lanes (or lengthen merges). I believe the "new" lanes are mostly newly-tolled old lanes whose HOT plan is a plan to fit some SOVs in there--only as many as can be added without bogging down the flow of the HOVs-- and to raise $ generally for the PPP that's doing the upgrades.

I'd say the price reflects the fact that I-66 was already well-patronized--nearly congested--simply by the many HOV carpools that start pretty far out and have always relied on I-66 as a key selling point and "last 4 miles" before crossing the Potomac.
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