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Originally Posted by vanshnookenraggen View Post
Travel more. Most of the country goes to bed at like 9pm.
This point resonates, though. It wasn't until a previous job took me on extensive travel to a lot of boring U.S. cities did I realize how special boston was. When I was in my 20s, I always thought boston was boring, small, went to bed early, etc. I took for granted that we had a world-class symphony, world-class art museum, very solid restaurant/bar scene. No, we're not NY, Chicago, LA....but beyond that, we're tops of the rest of them.

It wasn't until that extensive domestic travel that I fully appreciated that. European and Asian (and beyond) cities will always be different in their own ways (and are expected to be). Those weren't in my frame of reference...but Boston -vs- similar sized U.S. counterparts is appropriate for comparison.
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