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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Originally Posted by meddlepal View Post
Or you know rather than jump on the racism bandwagon maybe it has to do with needing to know the Spanish language.

I just don't have the patience to deal with non-English speaking destinations. That's not racism... just pragmatism.
Maybe not racism, but that's still a largely inaccurate generalization. English is spoken almost everywhere - even in countries where English isn't the primary language. You need to know approximately zero Spanish in Mexico City to be able to get by easily. I've had an easier time communicating with people in Rwanda, Tanzania, Mexico, Denmark, India, etc. than I did in rural Scotland where the "English" is so thick it's hard to understand. Even in Japan, where almost nobody will speak English, it's easy to get around and get by because signs, menus, etc. are all in English.

I understand that everyone has their preferences, and non-English speaking countries intimidate some travelers; but not speaking the local language really isn't an issue in most places people travel to at least semi-regularly. At all.
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