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Re: New Ideas for the Site

Originally Posted by JohnAKeith View Post
It seems obvious to me that some people have blocked me; why don't you just do the same with those you don't want to see?
Simple answer: You still see the replies. You still have to read through (or avoid) derailed threads and everyone losing their shit. Of course, if everyone took your advice those problems would be solved, but I don't see that happening.

It's obvious that no one is going to be banned so I wouldn't worry about it.
"You cannot take in a whole Boston street with a single glance of the eye and then lose your interest because you have thus taken the edge off future discovery; on the contrary, every step reveals some portion of a building which you could not see before, some change in your vista, and some suggestion of pleasant variety yet to come, which not only keeps your interest alive but heightens it and persuades you to go on."
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