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Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St. | Bay Village

Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St.

Parcels: (4) - 212-222 Stuart St. & 17-19 Shawmut St.
Height: 19 stories, 199'-0"
Area: 146,000 SF
Units: 131 apartments
Retail: 3,000 SF
Parking: None, space agreement with garage nearby that the developer owns
Variances required: Use, height, FAR from the ZBA

Existing Conditions: 7,712 SF site contains a 20-space parking lot & vacant land
Former Proposals:
2006: 8-story residential building on the 212 Stuart St. parcel approved by BRA
2008: Revised proposal for a 65,700-square-foot office and retail building incorporating the 222 Stuart St. property approved, but never broke ground.

Developer: Transom Real Estate
Design Architect H÷weler + Yoon Architecture
Legal Counsel: Rubin and Rudman LLP
Environmental Consultants: Epsilon Assoc.
Transportation Consultant: Howard Stein Hudson
Civil Engineer: Nitsch Engineering
MEP Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers
Geotechnical Consultant: Haley & Aldrich


PNF: (Warning: Large - 74 MB)

Plans, Sections, Elevations & Renders:

Commuter Rail. Reimagined. Read the report:
Electrification + High Platforms + Infrastructure + Frequent Service + Free Transfers = #REGIONALRAIL

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