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Re: Hall of Fame (CHOOSE 3)

Originally Posted by BostonUrbEx View Post
I'm glad Memorial Drive got zero votes. Come on! They need to remove the median to pull all the lanes into Cambridge further and then make the riverfront portion something spectacular.

As is: sucks.

Potential: enormous.
I know this is incredibly late, but I couldn't possibly disagree with you more about this. The Memorial Drive side of the river is far and away the SAFER side, BECAUSE the road is so close to the walkway. The esplanade is great during the day, but falls between "intimidating" and "downright terrifying" at night, depending on who (or who isn't) around.

In Cambridge, on the other hand, the attraction is the view. It already IS spectacular, and it's much more accessible than the Boston side for much longer portions of the day.

The median is there to help facilitate U-turns, make it easier for pedestrians to cross, and remove the possibility (probability) of "rubber-neckers" drifting into the oncoming lanes.

If the cars weren't so close to the river, I wouldn't feel comfortable walking there at night and I think a lot of other people would also be leery of it. (just like the esplanade) It's fine the way it is. There's also good parking right on the street (by the boathouses) that would have to either be moved or otherwise accommodated.

Don't fix what ain't broken.
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