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Re: Rose Kennedy Greenway

We discussed this on page 314-15 of this thread,

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Pulling this thread towards a much-needed diversion...

Does anyone know what the deal is with the huge parking lot at Fulton and Cross Streets? This is very close to the North End greenway parks, and I'm surprised I haven't heard about any development proposed for it. Anybody know of anything?

Recent update from the BRA's new guidelines from

There was one significant height revision on Tuesday night when the Board of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) approved the guidelines created through the Greenway District Planning Study. Instead of the previously presented height range of up to 85 feet high for the Fulton St. parking lot (Parcel 11B), the BRA ceded to the public uproar to maintain the neighborhood tradition of 55 feet as the maximum height. The height at this particular parcel was the most often mentioned comment at a July 19th neighborhood meeting with the BRA. The North End/Waterfront Residents? Association, along with many others, advocated for this change from when the draft guidelines were originally presented. (Read NEWRA?s letter (pdf).) Most recently, City Councilor Sal LaMattina went on the record to keep the 55 feet, in-line with current zoning.

While the North End continues to fight for its 55 feet height limit, the rest of the guidelines contain substantially greater density throughout the length of the Greenway.
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