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  1. BeeLine
    01-02-2017 09:02 PM
    I think it's time for a little administrative update. The following statuses for development projects need to be updated. UC = under construction C= completed

    10 Farnsworth UC
    The Boulevard UC
    Winter Garden UC
    61-83 Braintree UC
    Clippership Wharf UC
    The Girard C
    Mission Hill/Parcel 25 UC
    Watermark Seaport C
    The Eddy/6 New Street C
    New FBI Headquarters C
    Brigham Building of the Future C
    The Tremont/1480-1486 C
    30 Dalton Residence C
    The Factory @ 46 Wareham UC
    Twenty Two Liberty C
    Lancaster Boston/1501 Commonwealth C

    I hope this helps(?)

    Thanks Beeline

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