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05-25-2006, 02:59 AM
(HOme of Archie Comics) just became home to a couple new stores soon to arive in the slipper city.

whats up people, Im new to this but have bee looking on the page here and there. before you knew it Is checking everyday for new posts. so i decide to join and post my own.. here goes nothing, check it out..

This is for those who have or havent heard of Haverhill, MA.
I will use this to post and collect any articles I find on any developments I hear about. feel free to do the same or just comment.

(Money Mag named it best place to live in North Eastern USA. 1995)

Haverhill, MA is a History rich, old blue-collar city 30 miles North of boston. Among its growing population and denser downtown, it also boasts cheaper homes for boston workers, train and highway acess, and even and educated workforce. not only is this beutiful town only a 25- 30 min drive up 495, It is also just 15 minutes away from Lowell and The Mass. shore and beaches. Almost forgot its own ski slope and over 4 18 whole golf courses. Some see this Historic town as a great target for in vestment as The Beacon Company is Renovating a few old factory mills..
Actualy they are in charge of an entire city block and is looking at other sites. It apears this old Milltown is on its way back to prosperity. You can thank Mayor Fiorentini and the city council's efforts to find new cash flow for a city facing many debts and budget problems like many simmilar cities in the Merrimack Valley. They have made Haverhill a more atractive place for outsiders to invest and have changed many zoning laws to allow for the renovation of it's downtown factory zone. These efforts have brought in the cities Largest retailors in histoy. Lowe's Hardware, BJ's Wholesale, Target and starbucks coffe are all headed to the slipper city....... Who will be next??

It is my home town and I always wondered why the hell someone would move to this dump. I was young and overlooked its qualities. from 1991 to 2001 we have seen a large amount population growth. afternoon traffic has been getting hectic all over the place indicating this growth. I remember back whe there were only a few latinos and we all preaty much knew each other. In ten years there has been a surge of migration to the city from other towns bringing the latino pop percentage to about 9% or 11%.

Another growing city 10 minutes down the road, is Lawrance MA, Probably the poorest city in the commonwealth with a latino percentage there at around 65%. The difference between the two cities is that haverhill has less crime rate yet still provides the manufacturing industry cheap labor.
on the other hand Lawrence has a hell of alot of cheat lanor but with the large requirement for low income housing that bring down profits for a developer and the higher crime rate. not to mention the generaly lower level of education. fast forward to 2006 and population here in Haverhill is estimated to be around 60,000. recentlyy an aerospace Company made the decision to consolidate its ops to a Haverhill Industrial park. This compay is saving its self about 500,000 by making the move and will bring 125 jobs to the area. Hopefully others will see the possible savings!
Who will be next?

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05-25-2006, 03:15 AM
Here are some pics. all i got right now..

Historic Haverhill 1

Histiric Hav 2

Historic Hav, Wingate artist lofts shops. Beacon's project is the next block to the right.

community input ideas of what city could look like.

city sugestion forum

City webpage


Picture tour

Merrimack rover floods

05-25-2006, 01:38 PM
I had read an article about the Haverhill renaisance a few weeks ago so decided to visit. I thought that perhaps it would be like a more blue collar Newburyport. I thought that the one nice block downtown was quite nice, and there were some nice old churches. The city unfortunately has its back turned to the river, and too many parking lots downtown. Main Street is too wide and desolate. If the old mills were converted to lofts, add more of a downtown besides the one nice block, have real public access to the riverfront (kinda like a version of the esplanade), turn the Main Street area into a town common, and build over all the parking lots, it might be nice. I'd say that the nicest towns in MA are Newburyport, Northampton, Great Barrington (nicest villages being a different category). It seems to me that Haverhill really has its work cut out for it if it wants to join the list. But the potential is there.

04-20-2011, 11:05 PM
Bringing back the older post.

The old F.W. Woolworth Co. Building, vacant since 1960, has had talk about a riverside park, book store, performing arts center, and in the Eagle Tribune today, a concept drawing of a Comic Book Hall of Fame. I like the Riverside park, Haverhill lacks good parks and nothing good along the river. The Comic Book hall of fame is unique. I think it is places like this that bring character to individual downtowns. Although maybe not the most popular, I think it would be cool. Different from the standard restaurant, barber shop, salon, and bar.